The Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally.

The Inspiration behind the event.

William Bulfin was a journalist, travel writer and proud Irish Nationalist, who was born in Derrinlough, Co Offaly in 1864. William emigrated to Argentina in 1883, where he worked amongst the native gaucho tribe, before becoming editor of the Southern Cross newspaper in Buenos Aires. The publication is now the oldest Irish diaspora newspaper in the world. Having returned from Argentina in 1902, he set off on a journey that took him through the highways and byways of Ireland, on a steel framed bicycle, made by Pierce of Wexford. “Rambles in Eirinn” is an insightful book written by William Bulfin, about his cycling experience, where each captivating page tells a story of Ireland’s ancient past.

The travelogue was published in 1907 and proved to be such a resounding success, that it extended to a fourth edition, published in 1915.

Taking our inspiration from William’s achievements; The Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally 2019 is the fifth in a series of Heritage adventures promoted by local not-for-profit group “Irish Country Roads & Culture Trails”. The event is a valuable introduction to the heritage that inspired much of the history, culture, music and storytelling of Ancient Ireland. William Bulfin was by no means the usual tourist and his greatest enthusiasms were for places that the usual tourist had not yet penetrated.

The event will include community and visitor engagement through promenade theatre style sketches, re-enactments, storytelling and traditional music.

The Book

“Rambles in Eirinn” is an insightful book written by William Bulfin about his cycling experience. The travelogue was published in 1907 and proved to be a resounding success, extending to a fourth edition, published in 1915. The book paints a vivid picture of the history and heritage of the Irish countryside, just after the turn of the 20th century. Bulfin had an intimate knowledge of the Irish landscape along with an innate passion for the historical importance and heritage value of places such as The Hill of Tara, Clonmacnoise, Aghaboe Abbey, The Old Monastery of Roscrea and The Rock of Dunamaise.

The Bike

In an effort to uphold the ethos and authenticity of the event, “High Nelly”/Vintage bicycles or their genuine replicas are the preferred choice of travel. The use of the High Nelly or old steel framed bike invokes a period in the lifestyle of Irish people when the simple things in life were well respected.

The Clothing

The Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally is a hugely attractive and fun event for both participant and onlooker alike. Therefore the wearing of suitable period costume is encouraged for the duration of the cycle, not to mention, the cameras – Cheeeese! Of course attention to safe cycling should always be the determining factor when choosing your clothing. And don’t forget your safety wear!