The Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally 2018.

All about the Bulfin Adventure!

Wondering what the Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally is all about???
Who was William Bulfin? Why did he write Rambles In Eirinn??
Who were the Seven Septs of Laois, and why were they banished to Co. Kerry in 1601, and how will they return in 2018????

Well, it probably is a little complicated, so just click Read More, and find out the entire concept of this year’s Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally!!!

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The Bulfin Heritage Cycle.

The Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally, began in 2014, inspired by the writings of William Bulfin, who toured Ireland in 1902, on a bicycle made by Pierce of Wexford. In his excellent travelogue, Rambles In Eirinn, Bulfin paints a picture of an Ireland from bygone days. It is widely considered one of the most important social and historical documents from that era!

Our aim in previous years has been to follow some of the routes outlined in the book, and our journeyings have taken us to so many places of interest in Laois, Offaly, Tipperary and Kilkenny! This year we concentrate on Co. Laois, delving deep into the history and heritage of the county. From the ethos of Bulfin’s travels, unearthing hidden histories, and casually enjoying the beauty of the countryside we traverse, to the long past historical saga that was the Seven Septs of Laois, there really is something for everyone, in this year’s event.

From it’s early inception, right up to the present, we have received not just encouragement and plaudits, but very real help from so many individuals and groups! Without their assistance and support, we would probably have to hang up the bicycle clips, so to all of you, we bid a heartfelt Thank You!

William Bulfin
William Bulfin