Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally DVD

Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally Double DVD.

Bulfin Heritage Cycle 2017 & 2018.

Available now, is our Double DVD, of our 2017 and 2018 events. Featuring all the sites we visited each year, all the heritage talks, some stunning scenery, and of course all the banter and laughs, this really is a must have, not just for those who participated, but for anyone who has an interest in history and heritage.

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Heritage On A High Nelly

The Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally

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The Bulfin Heritage Cycle 2018- The Story of Day One

The Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally 2018.

The Story of Day One.

The Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally 2018

Just follow the link above to see an overview and some photographs of Day One, from this year’s Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally.
There are lots of photographs, so it may take a minute or two to load, so please be patient.
We will bring you the story of Day Two, shortly, but for now enjoy our recap of the first day’s journey!

Slight schedule change!

Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally 2018.

Slight change to Schedule!

1)  Our guided tour of Emo Court has been changed to 11am on Saturday 25th instead of 11.30am.  This necessitates a change to our planned breakfast time at Treacy’s Restaurant. This will now be served at 9.30am and not 10am as previously described.
2)  For those of you who wish to leave your cars overnight in Durrow; secure parking will be available at Castle Durrow. (gates will be locked at night time)
This car park is located at the first entrance on the left (top of the hill and left  through big white gates).
Hopefully we will have someone there to direct you to the Pavillion, located at the rear of Castle Durrow.
Please do not park or leave your car overnight in the Main Car Park at the front/side of Castle Durrow as this is reserved for wedding guests and customers.
Should you require last minute information, don’t be afraid to give me a buzz on 086 8694691.
Otherwise, relax now! and look forward to a leisurely couple of days of cycling, eating, drinking, dancing, singing and acting? but above all, immersing yourself in our hidden heritage.
Wishing you all a happy and safe event!

The Rock of Dunamase – Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally 2018

Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally 2018.

The Rock of Dunamase.

On Day Two of this year’s Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally, we will visit the magnificent Rock of Dunamase. It is here that we will merge with our visitors from Kerry, who will arrive with seven torches, each representing one of the Seven Septs of Laois.

The Tarbert Historical Society, will carry the torches, representing the families, that were banished from Co. Laois in 1601, by Crown forces, and relocated in Co. Kerry. Under Sentence of Death, should they ever return to the county, their descendants remain in Kerry to this very day. But the time has come for the Seven Septs to finally make their return! The seven torches will arrive at the former O’More stronghold of Dunamase, to light up a Ceremonial Laois Sept Vessel, at a very special, and unique Heritage gathering on the Rock of Dunamase.  (more…)

Calling All Cyclists! – Bring The Seven Septs of Laois Home.

Cyclists Needed!

Be A Part Of History!

Are you a cyclist? Part of a cycling club or group? Are you looking for a cycling challenge this summer?

If so, then the Bulfin Heritage Cycle has one for you!

We are looking for a group of cyclists, to take part in this year’s Rally, and have the honour of returning the Seven Septs of Laois, to their ancient homestead.

For many centuries before its plantation by the English, and its subsequent renaming as Queens County, Laois was under the control of Seven Septs (Local clan families). Following many bloody battles with the Crown forces, the surviving members of the Septs, were transplanted to Co. Kerry, being under sentence of death, should they ever return to Laois. The Septs were established in Kerry, as tenant farmers under their landlord, Patrick Crosbie, and their descendants remain in the Kingdom to this very day.  (more…)

Eamon Bulfin – Raising the Irish Republic Flag on the G.P.O. in 1916

Eamon Bulfin and The Easter Rising.

On Easter Monday, in the midst of the 1916 Easter Rising, Eamon Bulfin hoisted aloft, on the roof of the rebel headquarters of the G.P.O. in Dublin, a green flag with the words “Irish Republic” painted on it. When the insurrection was crushed by British forces, Bulfin was sentenced to death for his role in the uprising.

William Bulfin is the inspirational figure for the Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally. Having returned to Ireland from Argentina at the turn of the century, Bulfin undertook a road trip of his homeland, on a bicycle made by ‘Pierce of Wexford’. As he cycled the highways and byways of Ireland, he duly noted everything he had seen, and everyone he had met along the way. In 1907 the fascinating account of his 3,000 mile exploratory journey was published in a book entitled ‘Rambles In Eirinn’. It is an enchantingly descriptive narrative of an Ireland of old, that so eloquently blends landscapes and geographies, with people and histories.

Eamon Bulfin

But this important social document is not William Bulfin’s only legacy. He was a proud Irish Nationalist, and so it was perhaps inevitable that his son Eamon would inherited his father’s deep devotion to Ireland. Eamon was born in Argentina in 1892, at a time when William was writing of his experience on the pampas, for the Buenos Aires newspaper The Southern Cross , which was owned by Cork man, Michael Dineen.
After the Bulfin’s had returned to Ireland, Eamon was one of the first students enrolled in Pádraig Pearse‘s Irish language school Sgoil Éanna (St Enda’s). He forged a strong relationship with Pearse, and after he had graduated, he assisted with teaching at Sgoil Éanna, and continued his own studies at  University College Dublin.  (more…)