Attanagh: Irish Fly Fishing & Game Shooting Museum

The Bulfin Heritage Cycle 2018.

Bulfin Event Heritage Trail.

Attanagh: Irish Fly Fishing & Game Shooting Museum

August 24th, 2018

One of the many heritage sites we will visit along the route of this year’s Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally, is the wonderful Irish Fly Fishing & Game Shooting Museum, located in Attanagh, Co. Laois.

In fact the museum will be our first stop, having departed Castle Durrow, and we hope to arrive there at 11:45 am; where a medieval style fish and game breakfast awaits, to fuel us on our way.

Also on the schedule is a heritage talk with museum curator, Mr. Walter Phelan. Walter founded the museum in 1986, and has continuously added to his amazing collection of artefacts. These include guns, tackles and rods, as used by the affluent society of yore, who hunted and fished for pleasure. (more…)

Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally 2018 – Return of the Seven Septs


For many centuries before its plantation by the English, and its subsequent renaming as Queens County, Laois was under the control of Seven Septs (Local clan families). Following many bloody battles with the Crown forces, the surviving members of the Septs, were transplanted to Co. Kerry, being under sentence of death, should they ever return to Laois. The Septs were established in Kerry, as tenant farmers under their landlord, Patrick Crosbie, and their descendants remain in the Kingdom to this very day.
Excerpts from the book; “From Laois to Kerry” by Michael Christopher Keane

To mark the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage, seven torches, representing the Seven Laois Septs, carried by the Tarbert Historical Society, will return from Co. Kerry to Laois  to light up a Ceremonial Laois Sept Vessel, at a special Heritage gathering at the Rock of Dunamase in Laois.

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Dates – August 24th & 25th 2018


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