The Search For The Oldest High Nelly Bike In Ireland

The Search for Ireland's Oldest High Nelly Bike

Does Your Bike Have A Story?

We are looking for the oldest High Nelly Bike in Ireland!

The Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally 2019, are looking for the oldest, (in working order) High Nelly Bike, in Ireland!

If you think you might be in possession of just such a bike, then please get in touch by emailing – Please attach a photograph of your bicycle, and let us know it’s story.

The owner of the oldest bike that we discover between now and August 20th, will be a VIP Guest at this year’s Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally; as we explore our medieval past, in Counties Laois and Kilkenny, including visits to Aghaboe Abbey and St. Canices Cathedral!

And of course the bike comes too! On August 24th & 25th, you will join with a group of vintage cyclist, in vintage attire, as we journey through the hidden history and heritage of Ireland, just as William Bulfin did in 1902, on his trusty steel framed bike, made by Pierce of Wexford.

Bulfin told the stories of his travels, in his excellent book Rambles In Eirinn, which was published in 1907. Inspired by his travels, we follow in his wheel rims, every year, and we catalogue our travels, here, on this website!

If you do not fancy the prospect of cycling 70km, over the course of the two days, then you can avail of our vintage bus transport, which is new to this year’s event.

So check that bike, search your sheds, for you may just be in possession of Ireland’s Oldest Bike!

The Search For Ireland's Oldest High Nelly Bike
The Search For Ireland’s Oldest High Nelly Bike

Tickets for The Bulfin Heritage Cycle Rally 2019

If you are pretty certain you are not in possession of the oldest bike in Ireland, but would still like to join us, you can purchase tickets HERE!

High Nelly Bike at Aughmacart Church
High Nelly Bike at Aughmacart Church

Schedule – August 25th 2018

Bulfin Heritage Cycle

Details: Day 2, Sunday August 25th

9.30am Durrow: A Full Irish Bulfin Breakfast at The Harps GAA Centre
10.30am: Assembly
Heritage Talk: Durrow in County Kilkenny.
11am: Durrow to Kilkenny:
St Canice Commemoration Trail – A Pilgrim Path
Cycle to St Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny, via An Béalach Mór Taisteál – (“Up the Hill” transport available)
Lisdowney – Heritage talk.
Freshford – St Lachtain – Heritage talk with Ned Kennedy
A Conker Match – An Exhibition of an Ancient Pastime
Route continues through Threecastles and Talbot’s Inch
2pm: Meeting with our Kilkenny Hosts – The Flying Column (High Nelly Bicycle Club)
Heritage Cycle around Kilkenny -Including:
Tour & Heritage Talk at St Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny Castle,
The Black Abbey & The Kilkenny Medieval Mile Heritage Trail.
4pm: Celebration Meal and Music at Home Rule Club Kilkenny
7pm: Vintage Bus to Durrow (including bike transport)
8pm: Bulfin Event 2019 “Final Handshakes”
Music & Craic at Bob’s Museum Bar, Durrow
Day 2 Trail – 33K approx

Schedule – August 24th 2019

Bulfin Heritage Cycle 2018

Details: Day 1, Saturday August 24th

11am: Assembly at Aylward’s Rural Heritage Museum
The Full Irish “Bulfin” Breakfast!
Narration from William Bulfin’s book; “Rambles in Eirinn”
Cycle to Aghaboe Abbey – via Coleman’s Road and Shanahoe.
1pm: Aghaboe Abbey
A Celebration of our Monks Saint’s Feral, Canice and Fintan
Heritage Talk: Monastic Trials and Tribulations
St Canice: Telling the Story of the Two Coffins – Pageant/Folklore.
St. Fergal: Narration from William Bulfin’s book – Rambles in Eirinn & The Austrian connection.
St Fintan: Sample a Monk’s Austerity Meal.
“In Days of Old” An Irish “Pattern” Day.
Rustic Merriment with Music, Song & Dance.
A Monk’s Indulgence – Making Merry with Traditional Mead.
Food and refreshments served.
St Canice Commemorative Trail – A Pilgrim Path
3pm: Clough: The Land League Priest – local history/storytelling.
Narration from William Bulfin’s book – “Rambles in Eirinn”
4pm: Grantstown Lake:
An Authentic Crannóg & The Lost Village.
Heritage Talk: Grantstown Tower House .
Music & light refreshments.
6.30 pm: Bob’s Museum Bar Durrow – BBQ, Music & The Ancient Pastime of Skittles

Day 1 Trail – 35K approx
Overnight in Durrow – Camping facilities at The Harps GAA Centre
(courtesy of Durrow Scouts & Harps GAA Club)
Upgrade to B&B available locally.